Open Cockpit Jet IFR Trainer

Also known as the SlimJet, the SJ1000 is an open-cockpit trainer modelled on a narrow-body jet airliner. It is designed to be used in a classroom environment as an instrument trainer and is available with a fixed-base or motion platform.

The SJ1000 is a complete solution for training operators, businesses, and private users who want a very cost-effective and realistic jet simulator that is ready to fly. With very little assembly, the SJ1000 is fully transportable and easy to move to different locations and assemble / disassemble. It is ideal for conferences / tradeshows, airshows, basic instrument training, entertainment, and private use.

Flight schools can use the SJ1000 for advanced ‘glass cockpit’ instrument training as well as introducing students to handling larger, high performance aircraft.

Aircraft Options

ProJet Series
Based on a narrow-body jet airliner with conventional flight controls (yokes). This is ideal for airlines with B737NG fleets.

More Information

Key Features:

  • Fixed-base or Motion (6 axis) Trainer
  • Based on a twin engine, narrow-body jet airliner
  • Open-cockpit with one pilot seat and captian’s side (half cockpit) configuration
  • Partial flight deck configuration including Main Instrument Panel and 1 x CDU (Control Display Unit)
  • Yoke, rudder pedals, steering tiller and throttle quadrant
  • Extensive glass cockpit instrument displays
  • Realistic Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • High Definition visual system using TV monitors
  • Global scenery and navigation database
  • Small footprint and environmental requirements
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Training Applications:

  • Instrument training including glass cockpit familiarisation and Instrument Rating training / recency / renewals
  • High Performance/Jet aircraft introductory training

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