Enclosed simulator with open-back

The PS2.5 is a fixed-base, enclosed simulator with an open-back, modeled on a narrow-body jet airliner. It includes two pilot seats and is the ideal simulator for those looking for an enclosed cockpit environment, but without the space or budget for the higher-end PS4.5 simulator.

The PS2.5 is a cost-effective, versatile simulator which has a smaller footprint than the PS4.5, but still includes an enclosed cockpit offering a realistic and immersive experience. Although the standard PS2.5 includes HD TV screens for the visual system, there is also the option available for a direct projection 180-degree wrap-around visual system and also the option to add the rear Instructor Station. The ProJet version of this device is CASA approved for MCC training in Australia.

Aircraft Options

ProJet Series
Based on a narrow-body jet airliner with conventional flight controls (yokes).

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Key Features:

  • Fixed-base simulator
  • Based on a twin engine, narrow-body jet airliner
  • Enclosed cockpit with an open-back
  • Two pilot seats and full flight deck configuration
  • Flight controls, rudder pedals, steering tiller and throttle quadrant
  • Realistic Flight Management System
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • High Definition visual system using TV monitors
  • Global scenery and navigation database with over 24,000 airports
  • Instructors Station with extensive features
  • Smaller footprint and environmental requirements than PS4.5 simulator
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Entertainment/Commercial Applications:

  • Retail/General Public experiences
  • Group/Team building events

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