Open Cockpit Single Seat Simulator

Also known as the SlimJet, the SJ1000 is an open-cockpit simulator modelled on a narrow-body jet airliner. With fixed-base and motion platform options, it is a complete solution for businesses who want a very cost-effective and realistic jet simulator that is ready to fly. With very little assembly, the SJ1000 is fully transportable and easy to move to different locations and assemble / disassemble.

The SJ1000 is ideal for conferences / trade shows, airshows, fairs, ‘pop-up’ stalls, high foot-traffic locations such as shopping malls and airports and as an additional device for an expanding business which already has a larger, enclosed simulator.

Aircraft Options

ProJet Series
Based on a narrow-body jet airliner with conventional flight controls (yokes).

More Information

SJ1000 Key Features:

  • Fixed-base or Motion (6 axis) Platform
  • Based on a twin engine, narrow-body jet airliner
  • Open-cockpit with one pilot seat and captain’s side (half cockpit) configuration
  • Partial flight deck configuration including Main Instrument Panel and 1 x CDU (Control Display Unit)
  • Yoke, rudder pedals, steering tiller and throttle quadrant
  • Extensive glass cockpit instrument displays
  • Realistic Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • High Definition visual system using TV monitors
  • Global scenery and navigation database with over 24,000 airports
  • Small footprint and environmental requirements
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Entertainment/Commercial Applications:

  • Retail/General Public experiences
  • Group/Team building events
  • Conferences/Trade Shows
  • Airshows and Fairs

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