Open Cockpit Dual Seat Simulator

Also known as the FatJet, the FJ2000 is a fixed-base, open-cockpit simulator modelled on a narrow-body jet airliner. It is designed to be used for pilot training but can also be used for entertainment/commercial purposes.

With a small footprint and low upfront investment, the FJ2000 offers the ability to conduct an entertainment/commercial operation in a small space or low-profile location. The device can be easily transported and is quick to assemble, providing the operator the ability to run the device in temporary locations. It is also the perfect marketing tool with its open-cockpit for people to see as they pass by.

The FJ2000 is the ideal choice for small or temporary shops in high foot-traffic locations such as shopping malls and airports, or more remote locations which cannot support high cost devices. This is recommended for Flight Experience Blue Licensees. We recommend the ProJet Series aircraft option for the entertainment market, as the conventional flight controls are better suited to the general public.

Aircraft Options

ProJet Series
Based on a narrow-body jet airliner with conventional flight controls (yokes).

EuroJet Series
Based on a fly-by-wire narrow-body jet airliner with sidestick flight controls.

More Information

Key Features:

  • Fixed-base simulator
  • Based on a twin engine, narrow-body jet airliner
  • Open-cockpit with two pilot seats and full flight deck configuration
  • Flight controls, rudder pedals, steering tiller(s) and throttle quadrant
  • Extensive aircraft systems modelling
  • Realistic Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • High Definition visual system using TV monitors
  • Global scenery and navigation database with over 24,000 airports
  • Instructors Station with extensive features
  • Optional integrated Systems Diagrams/Schematics
  • Small footprint and environmental requirements
  • Low maintenance and running costs

Entertainment/Commercial Applications:

  • Retail/General Public experiences
  • Group/Team building events
  • Dry hire to flight schools and/or airlines for pilot training


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