Premium Entertainment Flight Simulators

As the world leader in flight simulation entertainment, Pacific Simulators manufacture premium, high-fidelity flight simulators to suit a wide-range of commercial entertainment ventures. Through years of experience running its global franchise, Flight Experience, their simulators are expertly designed to not only offer extraordinarily high levels of realism and immersive experiences but also to be extremely robust and easy to maintain. Also aimed at pilot training markets, the simulators enable business opportunities beyond just the retail/general public market.

Flight Experience
Flight Experience is the world’s #1 flight simulator experience with over 16 stores in eleven countries. We are the only business which can build, implement and totally support simulators right through to the retail end user. We offer Blue, Silver and Gold License options to suit a wide-range of markets. To operate under our Flight Experience license there is an upfront license cost involved plus on-going revenue fees.

The license option gives you a global brand, website, booking systems, collateral, business systems, products, ongoing business support and over 12 years experience running Flight Experience stores around the world. Becoming a Flight Experience Licensee also includes access to how other stores perform and understanding what works and what doesn’t in the different markets. The Flight Experience License also includes a multi-lingual website and brochures/collateral. Our in-house marketing team and graphic designers produce all the material for you.

To find out more about Flight Experience please visit our Flight Experience Corporate Website or Contact Us for more details.

Whether you’re interested in joining the Flight Experience network or running your own independent business, we offer the flight simulators below suitable for entertainment/commercial purposes.

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