September 2018 – New Zealand-based Pacific Simulators has been chosen by Flybest Flight Academy in Indonesia to provide two flight simulators to complete their Jet Orientation Courses for pilots heading to Air Asia and other local carriers.

One is the all new EuroJet FJ2000 which is a Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT), an open cockpit systems and procedures device, ideal for pilots heading airlines with Airbus A320 fleets and the other is a fully enclosed ProJet PS4.5 Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD), ideal for training pilots headed to airlines with Boeing 737 fleets.

 Airlines are always looking to recruit the best pilots and Flybest’s CEO, Capt Dhamardi, knows from personal experience how to provide these pilots. Capt Dharmadi is a 40-year veteran pilot with thousands of hours of experience on Boeing 747 and A300 and involved in Garuda Indonesia training activities. More recently he was the CEO of AirAsia Indonesia until taking up the role of co-owner and CEO of Flybest.

Capt Dharmadi was enthusiastic with his praise, “We researched the market very heavily before committing to Pacific Simulators, but in the end the decision was made easy by the quality of their products, their technical support and their customer service, not to mention the value for money. With both devices we will be able to provide student pilots with the ability to best support their choice of airline.

The two simulators will be based in Flybest’s headquarters at BSD City Tangerang, near Jakarta and both will be operational by the end of 2018, Indonesia is one of the fastest growing commercial airline markets in the world and like most of Asia, are struggling to train pilots fast enough.

  Flybest CEO, Capt Dhamardi and Pacsim Sales Director, Iain Pero at APATS in Singapore last month.

“Airlines need pilots to fly the thousands of new planes flooding off the production lines of Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Bombardier and Embraer, but the training must be of a high standard. Our simulators provide cost-effective training for flight schools, universities and airlines and due to the lower cost, the pilots can spend more time improving their skills before heading to the full flight simulators (FFS). These FFS can cost more than $20 million so should only be used for the final ‘validation’ of what these students have learnt before entering the FFS”, confirmed Pacific Simulators Sales Director, Iain Pero.

Capt Dharmadi and Capt Ardy with Pacsim Director of Operations, Russell Hubber in the EuroJet FTD.

Pacific Simulators Head Office and factory is in Christchurch with a sales and marketing office in Sydney, Australia. They have been manufacturing simulators since 2002, with focus shifting heavily to the training market over the last three to four years.

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